What I Do

Email management

How much time do you spend managing your e-mails every day? An hour? 30 minutes? A few hours? Maybe half a day? Let me cut down that time for you and help you concentrate on your business

Answering calls

Proper telephone etiquette an important facet of your company. Hiring me leaves your respondents with a favorable impression of you and your company.

Data entry

Are you tired of trying to write down details. Are your balances not checking? Well you need a data entry expert to help you with that.

Technical support

From customer enquiries, to processing orders, to inventory management, I have got you covered. I can run your entire ecommerce business on your behalf, or handle key functions, and i’ll treat your customers with the same love and care that you would.

Content writing, editing and proofreading

Content is at the core of today's marketing strategy. I can help you build authority with quality content.

Blog management

Thousands of small business marketing blogs are launched every day. So what makes your blog unique? I can cast a wide net around target audiences afloat in various stages of buying readiness by fueling their interests, piquing their curiosity, and empowering them to make smarter decisions.

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